Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seattle? NOW?!

So a little background... I used to live in California and my SIL lived pretty close. Then she up and moved to the Seattle area. DH and I came up to visit the family and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. So I asked for a transfer at my job, the closest they could get me to Seattle was Portland. I'll TAKE it!

Fast forward 3 years. Found an amazing doctor, work with an amazing team, I am happy. going to IVF very soon. And I get this phone call... from my boss...

boss: "I want you to take over a store up in Seattle. I know you've always wanted to live there so I thought you can take it. It's higher volume and needs someone strong."

me: "Umm, errr, Wha?!" And thinking, CRAP, why now?

boss: "It's a great opportunity and we really need you. And the company won't pay for the move"

me: "I can't afford to move 200 miles away to another state. I have a financial agenda and used my savings to pay off bills so I can buy a house in a year"

boss: "How much can a move be? Can't you just charge it?"

me: thinking - *I would still have to pay for it if I charged it...* "When I moved to Portland it cost almost $4000. I don't have that. Call me in September if you still need me there"

She does have someone there, but only every other week. It's complicated. Plus she lives in Hawaii where a move is renting a uhaul for $20 and driving across the island (unless you move to another island, but even then it ain't $ grand). Not to a whole other state.

So, yeah, good timing....but at least I am considered "strong"....


Best When Used By said...

"Can't you just charge it?" WTF?! That's pretty presumptuous that they want you to move that far, uproot the life you have created, won't pay for the move, and then just brush it off with a "charge it" comment. Oh, I'm sorry...did you mean charge it on a credit card so that we can pay 21% interest??? Jeepers. Of course central in your mind too is the "wait! we have a clinic here and a plan!" freakout. I'm glad you were able to fend her off.

Long exhale.

Coco said...

"can't you just charge it?" hahahahhahaha, LOL!

Lucky Jones said...

I know, right? I wonder how her credit is if she just "charges it" when she can't afford it.... *shudder*

Chele said...

LMAO~ Best When Used By reacted the same way to the post as I did.

Celia said...


My husband worked for a company that only promoted you if you moved. So we moved and moved and moved.

Thank God he works somewhere else now.

Lynn Page said...

holy crap! that's rediculous! "charge it!" sounds like great advice...especially in this economy! lol lol lol

jones said...