Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Award!!

Thank you so much Kristen from Kuppy Kakes by Kristen!

So the deal is 7 things you don't know about me... What is there that you don't know? I basically have placed my heart and soul on this blog... I'm sure I can think of something, but forgive me if I repeated myself!

1. I love to sew. I got my first sewing machine when I was about 5 years old from my mom for Christmas. But I don't generally use patterns, I like to make it up as I go along!
2. I'm left-handed! That same Christmas my Gramma Charlotte gave me a pair of left handed sewing scissors. Yeah, a 5 year old got scissors as a gift, and she was darned excited about it! I notice Riley favors her left hand :)
3. I can also knit and crochet, but I get bored with projects.
4. Some of my best friends are people I have never met in person. You know who you are :)
5. I have found that since becoming a mother I have also become more spiritual. I find myself praying and talking to God more than ever now.
6. I <3 PopTarts
7. I also <3 Ricky Gervias!


If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Time? What's that?

Yeah, I am continuing to be a bad blogger.. it's not that I don't want to, but I have been spreading myself thin. From making dresses to focusing on my other blog to of course playing with my babies I end up having about enough time left over to eat and sleep.... Anyway, I will TRY my hardest to blog on this blog...

Dylan and Riley are really beginning to learn so much! They are better with their hand/eye coordination each day. It's really breathtaking.. There's no other word for it. I could stare at them for hours as the little wheels in their heads turn and they realize that if they think about reaching for a toy, they can do it. I also got a new tub for them - the Tummy Tub. It's the one that looks like a bucket but isn't... They can sit up by themselves in it and play! Dylan gets so excited when he splashes around in it!

If anyone wants to FB friend me, go HERE... that way you can see pics of the twins all the time (I post random pictures all the time!) I WILL continue to blog... promise ;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Award!!

Thank you so much to Trying Not to Scream for this award!!

For this award, here’s what to do:

1. Thank whoever gave you the award.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself that readers may not know.
3. Pay it forward by nominating 10 bloggers you’ve recently discovered.Things you may not know about me:

Ok, 7 things... this might be tough...

1. My husband is canadian. ok, that's not about me persay... But did you know that Dylan and Riley have automatic dual citizenship in the US and Canada because they are first generation Americans? kinda cool...

2. I learned to crochet when I was 5 or 6. I also got my first sewing machine at that time.

3. Nearly every house I have ever lived in I have ruined the carpet with paint! Sorry mom and dad!

4. I can play guitar. Not very well, but I can do it!

5. I am not a fan of sunshine, I prefer rainy and overcast days.

6. My favorite kitchen item is my crock pot. Best invention ever!

7. Deep down I always knew I would have twins, and I always knew they would be a boy and a girl :)

Now the bloggers:


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An Award!!

My lovely sister Cat from Amlo Farms gave me an award!! Thank you!!

The Rules for Acceptance of this Award are fairly simple:

  • Thank the blogger who bestowed the Award on you.

  • Sum up your blogging experience, philosophy and motivation in five (5) words.

  • Pass the Award on to 10 deserving bloggers.

So my five words are: Infertility, twins, family, happiness, dream-come-true (ok, that was three words...) This blog was originally going to be about style and cute shoes since I can't pass up wicked heels. But it quickly became an outlet for me and my husband and our struggles with infertility. Now that we have our "dream-come-true", our beautiful twin babies Dylan and Riley our life feels complete. It is a powerful feeling to know without hesitation we would do anything for them. It's amazing to see them learn something new each day and to know this is why I exist, this is what I was meant to do with my life.

OK, now on to the bloggers I think need this award:

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July and other thoughts...

Aren't they adorable? Dylan was Mr. Smiley-pants all day and Riley felt very fancy in her bow :)
4th of July was pretty uneventful for us. I was worried about what firecrackers could do to the delicate eardrums of my wee ones so we stayed in. Actually, we went for dinner to Ruby Tuesday's and then came home. By the time we got home both Dylan and Riley were sound asleep so they went to bed...
On the bedtime topic - early last week they both began sleeping thru the night, 9 hours to be precise.. Pretty incredible! It was hard, hard work but I wanted to share how we did it. First I will tell you about the "rule of 3" - it takes 3 nights to get it, and once the baby has sttn for 3 nights straight, chances are they will continue...
First thing I did was talk to the pediatrician about getting them to sttn. She said to make the night wake-up boring for them by not picking them up (HARD TO DO!!) and not feeding them. She said that they will realize there is nothing to wake up for and will start sleeping through.
The first night was torture. Both woke up and I tried consoling them. Riley was actually easy, but Dylan didn't understand why I would give him a bottle. It was heartbreaking. I did cheat and snuggled him back to sleep, but I didn't give in to feeding him. Riley just needed a pat on the belly and a "go to sleep, sweetheart" and she was fine. They had gotten a midnight feeding as usual but not a 3am like they were used to.
Night two was a little easier - again midnight feeding, again they both woke up, but both went back to sleep pretty quickly...
Night three - Riley slept through12am-6am :) Dylan woke up but went right back to sleep.
Night 4 - neither woke up from 12-6... ths lasted for a few days so I decided to ramp it up.
phase 2 - night 1 - I put them both to bed at 10pm after a busy day. I had also swaddled them in a Miracle Blanket. They slept through until 5am
Night 2 - did the same thing, this time 9pm bedtime and they slept again til 5
Night 3 - 9pm bedtime, swaddled, both slept til 6am!!!
Since then they have been going to bed between 8 and 9. In fact, Riley actually gets mad if she doesn't get put to bed at that time. If she isn't getting ready for a bath by 8:15, it's crying for her until she's bathing. Then it's a bottle and put into her crib where she stares at her mobile (which have learned NOT to turn on!) and her Sleep Sheep turned to "stream" or "ocean". She rarely fusses once she's in her crib, she does kick a lot but I suspect it's the last bit of energy being used before sleepytime. Dylan does the same thing, but sometimes he needs his pacifier. Riley could care less about a paci!
So basically, I have made it a ritual - bath, bottle, bed along with swaddling and occasionally rocking... It's hard not to pick them up for cuddles when they cry but really they very rarely do now that they know the score..
Hope this helps some mommies out there - there are many ways to sleep train, but this way worked well for me!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

No Excuses Thursday! I know, I know, it's Saturday...

Ok, ok, so I know I haven't posted in a week. Over a week. I started a post and never finished it, but today I will!!
Michelle started this -click the button to join in! Here's my summer "no excuses" list and an update on what I have done so far:
  • Reorganize my crafting area. I have finally started this - I ordered new rolling bins and bought some pretty baskets for my fabric. Got out my sewing machine :) I have even made a few things! - DONE!!! Everything has it's place! It doesn't often stay in it's place, but does eventually get back there! In my next post I will show you what I have made!

  • Organize bills. Fight with insurance company. Working on this one. I paid a gazillion hospital bills last week - all of those little ones by the anesthesiologist, pediatrician on hand, etc. I still have "the big bills", but I am waiting on insurance to pay those. I have the hospital fighting for me too :)

  • Order credit reports. Yeah, haven't done this yet. Getting on it...

  • Go through the kids' clothes and separate what the can't wear. Haven't even TOUCHED this one, and I need to!

  • Make lunch plans with my friends I had lunch with two good friends last week!!
  • Clean out the car Nope

  • Buy a new car Hell no

  • Take the dogs to the vet for their shots Today!!

  • get myself to the Dr for my annual

  • Make blankets/burpcloths/bibs/tutus/hankie skirts for etsy Yes!!!

  • Get my online boutique up and running Working on it....

What's yours? leave me a link so that I can check it out! Let's get stuff done!!