Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Too too cute

My sister sent me this link...

I love knitting. Well, recently. I learned the basics a few years ago, then stopped for a while, then once I got into my 3rd trimester I picked it back up again. THIS BLOG is an inspiration :)

She's also doing a giveaway. I know, nothing having to do with knitting, but still awesome! These little leather shoes are too cute! Click here for more info about it! And Happy 2nd Birthday to her little daughter!


*Michelle* said...

Thanks so much for joining in my giveaway! I was starting to worry that it was going to be a total dud. LOL. Oh, twins! You will be busy! I learned to knit after my now 4 1/2 yo boy was born & I never looked back. I would quit my job & knit & design knitting all day if I could. Good luck to you-- I'll check back to see pictures soon, hopefully!

cat said...

michelle is amazing...i'm so glad you can check out her blog and get to "know" her a bit. i just love that gal! :)

i love you too sis!