Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No babies yet!

Nope. Despite all of the contractions I am home. But that's good, the longer they cook the better off they are :)

The funny thing was I had several contractions last night and this morning and afternoon. Once I was hooked up to the monitor I didn't have any. Not a single one! My uterus is trying to psyche me out I think.

BP went back down - yay! And no protein in my urine either :)

My daughter was totally uncooperative during my NST. She was squirming around like mad. Probably due to that veggie burger I had before my appt. And it was yummy.

My dr had a med student with him today. He was all young and little and adorable and super nervous. He was actually shaking when he was measuring my belly. Then he got all happy when he found the hb of both babies right away (even though I told him exactly where they were). He felt all accomplished. It was adorable.

So nothing exciting. Like I said, a good thing. A great thing really :) now I must take a nap :)


Coco said...

Yay for no babies! I'm with you on letting them cook for as long as possible! :)
I'm voting for April 2nd since it's my birthday!

Once Upon A Time said...

I know how anxious you are to meet them, but just think how much fat they are putting on their bones each day they stay in there! My contractions did the same thing during the NST- then seriously as I walked out of the office, they'd pick up again. I can't wait to move you over to the Twin Mommas section of my blog, instead of the Expecting a Miracle section... you have mere days to go, lady!

Anonymous said...

You've already had contractions? I bet those babies will be in your arms any day now! How exciting!

cat said...

those BH can be intense and fickle..haha you know i'm happy my niece and nephew are cooking longer. i know it's hard on you my darling..*hugs* but they still have a bit more developing to do and then they are perfect! most mama bodies and babies know what's up when in the oven..;) even if we don't like it...LOL

get as much rest as you can right now...2 weeks and you won't remember what it felt like to sleep at all! LOL i talked to a mom at the park a couple days ago who was there with her 20 month old twins...she said her and her hubby didn't sleep for like 6 months! eeks! hahah but it is sooooo worth it...

you have no idea how excited i am for you...i love you and those babes like you'd never believe!


Brandie said...

I'm glad the babies are staying put for a little bit longer...although I know you're so ready to see their sweet little faces! Hang in there :)