Friday, March 26, 2010

Still here and still pregnant

I hate it when I am a regular reader of a blogger who is expecting and I don't get a regular update on whether baby has come or not. So I thought I would let my readers know that I have not yet given birth.

I did have a lot of mucous yesterday morning, not enough to be the plug, but definitely enough to notice. I had it once and then a little bit in the evening. I had a teeny tiny bit today too. I still have (ir)regular contractions. Yesterday I only had 8 or so throughout the day, today I've had a couple so far. Not enough to make "the call".

Right now both kids are awake and moving around. I just had yogurt and they like that. Or not, I can't tell.

I've been dreaming about another veggie burger since I had that one the other day. Mmmmm. On a wheat bun. I'm so getting another one when I am back downtown next Tuesday.

So if you don't hear from me for a couple/few days, I probably am still pregnant. Or not. I'll just have to keep you guessing ;)

Oh and vote for me in the Top Mommy Blogs - I was shocked to see I was like #22 the other day. Really?! And head on over to Mommy Wants Freebies and vote. I am also doing a super special giveaway starting tomorrow on Freebies.

13 more days until c-section!

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cat said...

your body sounds like it's doing what it's suppose to do when getting ready to give birth..:) yay! i can't believe it's less than 2 weeks away! just thank the gods you don't have to be like my friend who had twins at 42 weeks, at home, and both were almost 8 pounds...yeah...yikes! hehehe

love you sis...hang in there..these last few weeks are the roughest....