Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dr's appt and last minute details

I have an appt tomorrow. It will be my first internal exam from my Dr. I was joking with Josh a couple of months ago telling him that my Dr doesn't know what he's (TMI)"dealing with down there" lol. All of my other appointments have been ultrasound with a tech and a quick chat of concerns...

Josh and I are both nesting. He's currently scouring the house up and down and I'm, well, sitting on the couch debating on getting up to blow dry my hair. And deciding what I should order from Target. I got two bouncy chairs and I have decided to have Josh take one back so I can get a swing instead. What if the babies don't like bouncy chairs??? I am also going to order a few little toys and some bottles. I have plenty of bottles, but I feel like I need just a few more... especially since I can't exclusively BF both babies, I will need bottles to pass to Josh....

I will be 35 weeks on Tuesday. The average gestation of twins. I have more baby matter in me than anyone I have ever known. With the exception of my twin mommy blogger buddies. I tell ya, it's been a difficult last few weeks. I have enjoyed the movement and kicks though. Back pain? not so much... I have also enjoyed the daily hiccups they each get. It's comforting...

I have developed a couple more stretch marks. I kind of knew I would with twins. They are still very low and it's not like I wander around in bikinis, so it's not a big deal. It's nice that they aren't making my stomach look like a roadmap though.

Josh went last night to get his tattooed arm finished. this was is 5th session. And guess what? NOT FINISHED. I told him it was as finished as it could be for now and he will have to wait to get the rest done. It's looks great though, just needs a bit here and there. He went to a local shop (friend of a friend), expecting to be there 2 or 3 hours at the most. He left at 4pm and got home at midnight. BUT the artist only charged him for the time they had agreed on, which was a relief!

I got the sweetest package from my friend Brandie yesterday! It madde me so happy - two preemie outfits, two 3-6 m onesies, and some washcloths! I swear she was reading my mind - I was just going through the babies' things and thought I don't have enough preemie, older, and washcloths! Plus the preemie outfits go PERFECTLY with two preemie hats that I made my babies! I am bringing it all to the hospital and will take photos so you will see them in their little outfits from "Auntie Brandie" ;) Thanks honey - love you!!


cat said...

can't wait to hear what doctor says..:) 1 more week and you'll officially be full term..yay!! you will probably get to schedule your c/s tomorrow too..omg, you'll finally actually know the date they will be born..woohoo! i just can't believe you are so close..;)

it's so funny, because i know the average gestation is 35 weeks, but everyone i know who has had twins have had them on or after 40 weeks..LOL you know you won't go that long even if you don't go into labor on your own i guess in about 2-3 weeks you'll have yourself babies to hold!! i cannot wait to see the is chomping at the bit..haha!

love you!!

sweetpeanme said...

Average gestation for twins...YIKES...we are going to be pregnant for 3 weeks or less now...isn't that unbelievable!!! WOW.

Have fun at your drs appointment. I don't know when they are planning on doing that exam on me...I guess I'll just have the pleasure of it being a surprise when I get there!! OH JOY. You know if they're up in that area it could really get things GOING!!! Glad you are all ready! :o)

My hubby is nesting too...he's painting trim (okay...I'd rather he clean but at least he's doing SOMETHING right???) and helping me put some of our winter clothes up in the attic!

Oh and the back and hip pain...unbearable. I remember Katie saying it was awful around this time...she weren't lying!! Hope you're able to find some relief!!

Can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes!

Brandie said...

I can't wait to hear what the dr has to say tomorrow! I'm so glad the preemie outfits go with the hats you made...aww, they're going to be the cutest babies ever!! I can't wait to see pics of them :)