Saturday, March 20, 2010

Contraction-traction, what's the action?

The title is an ode to School House Rock. Which is still awesome.

Anyway, I have been having erratic contractions. It all started thursday. I began getting only two, maybe 3 an hour. Then they went away for a while. Then I woke up around every hour or so to one. My stomach was as hard as a rock and I got that weird breathing.

By morning I had one an hour. Then none by noon. Since then I have had a few more. I actually just had one. I don't know if it is just something with me but I am beginning to tell when one is coming on because my breathing becomes a little shallow. Not like I am gasping, but just a little short of breath, like some weight has been put on my chest. Then I put my hand on my belly and sure enough it gets super tight for a minute or so, then relaxes. I get little twinges of pain too, on one side or another or low in my belly. I'm not having any back labor, but my back hurts all the time anyway. Still no pattern though.

I am wondering if this is still BH or early onset of labor. No mucous or bleeding... TMI my bowels are moving a bit better. Sorry lol

Other than that, my days have been uneventful. The biggest thing that happened today was my washing machine broke today. Luckily it's owned by the owner so I just had to shoot a quick email and a repairman will be here to fix it. Bad thing is I have a few more things to wash before the babies get here but no biggie.

Oh, and when it broke I didn't cry!!!

I have been craving birthday cake all weekend. Since it's on Monday I won't have to wait long for my white cake with strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting. Yummmmmm....

GD is still fine. Actually normal now. I even strayed from the GD diet and got normal levels. Hallelujah I'm cured!!


cat said...

sounds like BH. they tend to get more intense in later pregnancy. may also be prodormal labor which, i hate to say it, can last for days or weeks. i had it for the last 2 weeks with the girls and a couple times they got so regular that i was sure they were turning over into active labor...a week and a half later still had a baby in me.

when you actually go into labor, you will feel it in your back first, very low like you are having menstrual cramps or (TMI) diarreah. that's when you know they've finally kicked over as those cramps will be super regular and rhythmic.

for now, make sure you are drinking lots of water and keep your feet up. don't try to force them to keep coming because you just wear yourself out and it's not good for the babies and your BP. just try to relax with a cup of tea and a warm bath.

once they turn over, you will know the difference...i always hate it when people say, "you'll just know"...but in this case it's true. they are very different than BH...

love you sis...hang in there...a couple more weeks and you'll have your babes...


sweetpeanme said...

Hooray!! Eat that cake girl! :o)

Very interesting about the contractions...are you gonna beat me to deliver??!! We shall see!! :o)

Once Upon A Time said...

It sounds like your body is gearing up. :) My bowels started movin' things along about 2 weeks before I had the babies- about the point where you are now at(of course, they would have probably stayed in there a few more days if they had their way). Good for you for not crying about the washer and good for you for the GD results! Are you officially off bedrest then, or still on?

And Happy Birthday one day early! Go out and celebrate your last birthday without needing to find a babysitter!

Chele said...

I agree your having BH contractions and your body is getting ready for labor. Happy early birthday! That cake sounds delic!

Won't be long before we all get to meet your precious babies. :)

Once Upon A Time said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!!!