Sunday, December 6, 2009

Will we ever be ready??

I think the fact that the babies are kicking have sent me into a bit of a frenzied tailspin. I know I still have time but I feel like I am so unprepared for these little ones. I bought a crib, deciding to wait on a second by the advice of other twin moms. Most twin moms I know have said that their babies slept in the same crib for months. BUT I have yet to buy the mattress. And the crib is still in the box, chillin in my entryway since I got it over a week ago. I am afraid to put it together for fear that my cat will take custody of it.

I did buy a glider too. I ordered it this week, it should be here by Christmas.

I really haven't gotten anything else besides the occasional article of clothing. I need to buy cloth diapers and diaper covers (way cheaper than disposables). As of right now I am unsure if I will use a diaper service.

I haven't purchased the twin pack-n-play I want. I haven't purchased a stroller, or carseats, changing table, etc. I haven't bought much of anything. Now that these babies are really making themselves known I am feeling the urgency of these needs.

I think part of me still had those horrible "what if" thoughts. We spent so much time and effort getting pregnant, it's still hard to believe we are. I still think it will all be taken away. I think I will wake up one day and it will all be a dream.

But then I feel the kicks I am feeling at this very moment. And I know it's my two beautiful children telling me it will all be ok.

But I still need to buy a lot of crap...


sweetpeanme said...

LOL...yeah we do need a LOT of crap...and where in the world is it going to all fit in my house??? I have no idea!!!

Aren't those kicks wonderful and reassuring? I hated it when I had to wait until they popped up on that ultrasound screen to know if something was still growing in there! Now we have a daily reassurance that yes...something is going on in there!!! :o)

I think the answer to your post title will never be ready...but we will make do with what we have ready :o) It will all come together! :o)

Once Upon A Time said...

Those feelings are totally normal, I think, b/c I'm feeling them too! I said to my husband tonight, " considering how long we tried, is it wrong to feel like I'm not ready to have kids?" And I think it is mostly because of the boatloads of stuff we will need for two! Although I do have a considerable amount of stuff, there still is so much more to get- and I still think about what will happen if we need to return some of it (heaven forbid). I think- did we jinx ourselves because we didn't keep the crib or mattress boxes?

Are you having a shower? Hopefully you can get some of the big stuff as a gift, because it sure adds up!

Coco said...

I have always wondered why the parents of twins I know made their babies sleep in different cribs. To me, it seems like it would be a shock. I mean, they have spent all this time TOGETHER in one tiny uterus and then boom, their seperated.... that's just me though!

cat said...

yay for cloth!! haha we used fuzzibunz with the girls, also snugglebees are good. the ones with the inserts. we also used unbleached pre-folds with wool covers, those were easy peasy. and don't listen to anyone about the diaper load, etc... even with two it isn't that much more work to be honest. and you are not loading the landfill with dipes, and it is way way way cheaper in the long run..;) (and i personally believe better for baby anyway) knowing you are using cloth, i will definitely be knitting up some covers..;)

the other stuff, yes you are sooo normal right now. seriously, i freaked out over everything with lola...had to get the crib i wanted, etc.. you know what? the crib never left the box and she ended up with us in our bed until she moved to her own at 2..haha but that nesting instinct you are feeling is very normal and you will have everything ready before these beautiful babies arrival. some you will actually use and some you won''ll find your own groove with it all...

let me know what i can do to help! love you happy you have active babes to reassure you when you need it! :)

K said...

Interesting about the one-crib thing. I was wondering the same thing. That makes it a little easier, for awhile anyway. Think I'll do the same.

VelvetMinxx said...

It's real!! Trust me, they are real babies and not figments of your imagination (I had to be convinced of that as recently as a few days before mine was born!)