Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ahhh.. 24 weeks. Another milestone.
And don't mind the PJ's. It's a snow day, I have every right not to get dressed :)
So big milestone - viability day! Which means that if my babies were born right now (God forbid!), they have a more than 50% chance of survival. Which makes me happy :) Because every day from here on out they have more and more of a chance at making it in this world.. Of course my Dr and I want them to make it to at least 36 weeks... wait, 36 weeks? That's only 12 weeks from now! Here comes the panic...
But really, everything is just fine. I have no signs of labor whatsoever, and I have been feeling pretty decent for measuring at 34 weeks. So here's the rundown:
Crown to rump the babies are roughly the size of an eggplant and weigh just over 1 1/2 lbs. They move a lot right now.
I have discovered that the boy really likes the action/fight scenes from Sherlock Holmes and also like Monday Night Football. Josh and I were watching the Bears/Vikings game last night and he wouldn't stop wiggling and kicking until the game was over! Typical boy :)
The girl likes my ribs. She is a little harder to feel sometimes because of her placement, but seems to really enjoy it when I have my morning English Muffin with grape jam and decaf coffee or almond milk. They both LOVE orange juice!
As far as I go, I've been doing ok. Still have sciatic pain, still look like a turtle when I try to get out of bed. Oh wait, there is something new that I was dreading...
I have a couple of stretchmarks. on my ass. WTF?!
Actually it's more lower hip on my right side. and although I see them, Josh says he cannot and I am being paranoid. All I know is it looks a little different. But I will accept the 2 puny little lines that nobody will ever see. So far I have none on my belly, still smooth as butter and as white as milk. My belly button is almost completely flat which makes me believe it will pop out sometime. No problem, fine with me!!

As I mentioned today we had a surpeise snowstorm. Apparently these meteorologists whose job was to predict these things failed to see it coming. At first it was really cool....
Molly was trying to catch snowflakes on the patio...

Then it just didn't stop. This is the tree just outside around an hour or so after the snow started falling. Which started me worrying about how Josh was going to do getting home from work.

Then I got really concerned. These are the stairs outside my place covered in snow that I am glad I will not have to step out on.
THEN Josh called me 2 1/2 hours after he got off work. He can't get up one of the hills leading to our home. So he turned around and is staying at a friend's house. He says he is going to come home later, but since snow is still falling (as well as temperatures) I don't think he's making it home tonight.
This would have been an issue if I was more pregnant or if I was having complications. But it's all good. All I care about is his safety. If I have any issues that's what ambulances are for. And they have tire chains.
So it's just me and my doggies tonight. They are currently waiting for me to join them in snuggles on the couch...


cat said...

i'm betting you make it past 36 weeks...;) i'll say 38...hehe if you were still working i'd be more concerned about that, but you'll do great and have two very healthy, normal weight little bambinos.

speaking of, baby girls' present is being knit as we speak..well, in between typing! LOL

sounds like you are doing better than most with twins! mom's girls make good babies, even if i do say so myself...and we handle pregnancy well...teehee! can't wait until next xmas when everyone is running and crawling around!!! yeah!

love ya!

Once Upon A Time said...

Happy viability! You don't LOOK 34 weeks big in that picture... maybe it's the mirror. ;) Bummer about the stretch marks... I had my first appearance this week too. I'm afraid there's more on the way...

Chele said...

I know many women who carried their babies to 36-40 weeks. A few came a little earlier but their babies did just fine. I know many woman just one baby that haven't done as well as you.

Your snow pics are pretty. We going to be down around 32* here in central Florida this weekend. We'll be covering the veggie plants in hopes that they live through it. I won't be happy if they die because they are loaded with tomatoes and peppers and we've just started getting some ripe ones.

Stay warm!