Saturday, September 12, 2009

To Seattle we a-go-go

Josh and I are driving up to see his sister Tabitha and her family today :) yay! I haven't come up since some time in June so I am very excited to spend the weekend there. The weather is beautiful, so far the car ride is ok for me and the babies, and the whole ap.ple fiasco has been taken care of. Now they are offering me free products. What should I get? Another ma.cbook? A new iPhone? A 20" moniter perhaps? I'm thinking free product will be a hefty credit and maybe a cord or something. Which is fine by me :)

On the pg front, I had a miserable headache yesterday and was bummed I couldn't take anything for it. It went away with sleep :) no real nausea, no pain, I am still just tired but otherwise normal. Which of course scares the shit outta me. But no spotting, cramping, etc. I did have spotting 2 weeks ago but I didn't blog about it. I called my nurse and she assured me it would stop and to call if I start cramping or it gets heavy. It stopped and I haven't seen it since.

My stomach has actually gone down a bit. Of course logical me would say it is my innards settling into their new spots and roles as second to the uterus. And paranoid me thinks the babies and my womb have stopped growing. But they haven't. Pants still don't fit. Still have a bump. Still need my belly band.

I get to see the babies again on Thursday :) I am again nervous and excited! I think the only time I will begin feeling at ease is when I feel the kicks. All four of those tiny feet :)


cat said...

i can't wait to see my nieces/nephews again! :) spotting at 6 weeks can be very normal, especially if no cramping is involved. the fact that it stopped and didn't last long is a great thing. i spotted with both girls between 6 and 7 weeks..:)

have a great trip!!! i know how much you guys love it up there...


Katie said...

Glad to hear that mostly, things are going pretty normally and well for you. You're going to be amazed at what they look like on Thursday compared to last time!

Amy said...

I hate to say it but you will always worry about those babies up until the minute you hold them in your arms. Then you will worry about them in a whole new way. I had alot of times when Gage didn't move around for a good 8 plus hours and I was completely freaked out. Obviously he ended up being ok but it worries the heck out of you. Enjoy your weekend and take it easy. Your going to need lots of rest with 2 little one's on the way.

Lauren said...

You are so lucky to not have nausea. It is the most debilitating part of pregnancy.

The stomach going down is likely the result of less bloating. I kind of expected my baby bump to go down because I knew of some other IFers who were really bloated after they got pregnant and were worried when the bloating went down. Mine never did, but it happens to a lot of people. My bump used ty be smaller in the morning than at night, but in the past week or two that has stopped happening. I wake up now with a belly that still sticks out further than my boobs :)

Tina said...

I know how you are feeling. As much as I loathe the days I cannot move because of the nausea and dizziness, I HATE 10 times more the times when I feel "normal". I start worrying about whether or not things have gone wrong.

I hope you have a wonderful appointment and a great trip