Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Class today... Eh...

So I had my prenatal class today with my regular ob's nurse. It was me and 5 other preggos all at least 8 years younger. We had to go around the room saying how far along we were and our neaseua battles. So it got to me and I said 8 weeks with twins, there were oohs and ahhs all around. Then they all started questioning how I knew so I said I had a sonno at 6 wks. None of them had a sonno yet, so they were all shocked when I said I had.

Anyway only u and another lady who was 11 wks were showing. There was a "marathon runner" (her words) that claimed she was ten wks and had a flatter stomach than I had ever seen.

I found out my dr doesn't deliver at the hospital I want to be at. Boo. And the nurse kept saying things like dyeing your hair was fine and 12-16 oz of caffiene was fine. Wha??!?!? You mean to tell me a million other people are wrong and you are right?

I wasn't comfortable with the statements she was making, and the fact that I can't deliver at my hospital makes me sad. I am going to ask my re for some recommendations next week when I go in for my 2nd sonnogram.

So it was ok. Just ok. I felt weird being there with women who got pg the old fashioned way. I felt out of place....


The Patterson's said...

Sounds like an interesting class! My doctor also says that 2 cans of caffeinated pop is fine. Sorry she doesn't deliver at the hospital you prefer...good luck!

BB said...

I guess the hospital is as important as your doc. Specially with twins... the chances of delivering early are higher and we definitely need a good neonatal care section. I am changing/changed my OB for the same reason.

cat said...

sounds like an interesting experience! the ammonia in hair dye is the bad stuff...you can use herbal dyes that don't have it..;) and coffee, yeah well...i'm sure you can guess my thoughts on that..haha!

definitely go with the hospital you feel more comfortable with. i'm betting you won't go crazy early though..:) you are pretty freakin' even keel and i don't know that i've ever seen you really freak out, so i'm betting you will do just fine!! i mean, you yourself were a month late..haha! figure if your babies wanted to be late too and are twins, they'll cook to full term at least...;) get to 36 weeks and they'll be full term anyway..;)

love you dear...sorry the class was eh, but now you know about the hospital thing...:)

oh! and i found the PERFECT baby bottles, and accessories that i picked up for you...teehee. now i'm going to taunt you with my baby shopping finds! *smooch* trust me, you'll love them!

Tina said...

I think it is important to get to the hospital you feel comfortable at. If you like your current OB maybe you could take that hospital's tour and see if you like it.

My doctor also says that I can have my one cup of coffee in the morning. It's all about moderation. Also my doc and the "books" say that you can dye your hair but it is better to wait after the first trimester. After all the important organs have formed.