Tuesday, November 17, 2009

18 weeks and a picture :)

Ok, here's a little update! And a photo!
How far Along: 18 weeks today :)
Weight Gained: As of my last appt (last week), I have gained approx 15 lbs since pre-baby. I thought it would be more...
Measuring: 44 inches. Keep in mind I wore a size 31 jeans pre-pregnancy. So those 15 lbs I mentioned? All in the belly ;)
Babies are the Size of a: Mango! Or a bell pepper! Approx 7 inches head to rump.
Cravings: This week has been fresh fruit and veggies, mainly apples, carrots, and watermelon. And pineapple :) And still a ton of water, but I have also thrown in almond milk, orange juice, and vitamin water...
Belly button: Still an innie!
Stretch Marks: Nope, not so far anyway!
Sleep: Same. not fantastic, not bad. I still take my naps every day. And whenever I am sleeping I have crazy dreams!
Genders: Boy and a girl!
Labor Signs: NONE! Whew! Since I left work I haven't had a one.... lots of ligament pain though!
Worst Moment: No bad moments last week! All good!
Best Moment: I pulled the trigger and finally got the babies their first big purchase - a crib! Now I need to buy the other one, mattresses, and bedding... I am trying to hold off a little bit more because I know my cat will want to take up residence once it's all made. My crib will be here by Friday!
What I Miss the Most: Still coffee... And my peeps at work.. But I don't miss work ;)
What I'm Looking Forward to: relaxing this holiday season and taking time to take care of myself, therefore take care of my babies. This is the first holiday season in around 18 years that I am not working....
Milestones: I am starting to feel the babies move not only when I am lying down. I'll be sitting on the couch and I can feel them kicking and moving around. Still not hard kicks, but they are definitely moving :)
So, progress! It's amazing how fast time is going by, yet how slow it is too. I am really enjoying my time being a "housewife" and I am getting more and more into it :)
I also want to give a very special CONGRATULATIONS to my dear internet friend Shell! She had a perfect baby boy on Nov 13th whom she named Benjamin! She was a long time TTCer like me and it's so wonderful to see her dream come true!


K said...

Hi! It's great to catch up on your blog. So happy you are doing well and off work. Believe me, I know what you mean about working the last million holidays of your life! I'm sure we're seeing the same peri, so I won't be surprised if I "bump" into you there. Ha! Pun intended! I am starting to get that tightening in my belly too and will keep an eye out for early contractions. Ugh.

cat said...

oh gosh!! i love seeing your round belly so much!!! you look great my dear...just perfect..:) sounds like it's been a good week!!

love you!!!


Coco said...

You are too cute!

sweetpeanme said...

Definitely looking "with-children" my friend!!! Too cute!!

Glad you've had no more symptoms...just the ones I've been having...ligament pain and BABY MOVEMENT!! LOVE IT!! :o)