Friday, August 21, 2009

David and Goliath, or me and insurance

So I got insurance statements the others day. All I saw on the statements was DENIED. What?! I had called prior to ivf and they said I was covered up to 10k for fertility treatments. So I called to figure it all out....

Me: why was my claim denied?

Them: your lab wasn't a participant, and we are PPO.

Me: then why was I told otherwise when I called to determine coverage?

Them: I don't know, maybe they billed wrong.

Turns out my dr is a participant, but the lab that did all of the baby growing is not. Would have been nice to know, but at least I prepaid for everything in case this did happen. Now I owe another $1200 for the cryogenics, well, $700 because I just paid $500 to them.

It's all ok though, I have my bean and that's all that matters.


Katie said...

Insurance just plain stinks. I have no other words of encouragement except that I am right there with you. Darn insurance made me "graduate" from my RE 4 weeks early. Is it wrong that I am actually hoping I get to see the perinatologist multiple times so they have to pay for it?

cat said...

i hate insurance companies. sorry they gave you such a hassle! but you are right, you have your babe and that is the ultimate goal in all of it. *hugs*

Chele said...

We have a ppo too, but ours will cover 80% instead of 100% if we go out of network. The lab should have told you that they didn't participate in your insurance. You're right though, it is worth every cent to be growing a baby.

Brandie said...

Insurance companies are a pain in the butt!! But at least you don't owe tens of thousands of dollars. . .but you're right, your little bean is so worth it!!

Amy said...

What a pain in the butt. I hate insurance companies! I just can't wait for you to have your ultrasound on the 28th, that moment makes everything wrong in the world unimportant.