Friday, June 12, 2009

I called my insurance today to see if my meds were covered... Yep, it's included in the $10K max that I can spend on treatment :)


I also need a Pap and breast exam for my treatment and set my appointment up for next Wednesday. Which happens to also be my day off, PLUS Farmer's Market will be open that day. Yeah, totally unrelated, but I have been waiting for them to open during the week - they are only open Saturdays and I work so I can never go... until now :) So it's exciting to me.

I start at my new store Sunday. I am really nervous. It'll be ok, but it's like being the new kid at school, even though I'm the boss.

So it will be good......*deep breath*.....


Katie said...

Yay for insurance coverage on the meds! Good luck at your new workplace too!

Best When Used By said...

Fantastic that your meds are covered! Every little bit will help. I LOVE farmers' markets! It's fun to browse and buy and come home with bags of fresh produce and flowers. I guess you will have some adjusting to do at the new job, but I know you'll do great and you'll be settled before long. :)

Chele said...

Yay! Sounds like things are moving along well for you.
Keeping ++++ for you.

You will do great with the new job!

Sandra D. said...

Great news on the meds being covered. That's always nice :-) And good luck with the new store! I'm sure you'll be settled in no time.