Monday, June 15, 2009

First day and trains

I had my first day at my new store yesterday and let me tell you, we rocked it. We had a better selling day than they've seen in months. Yay me :)

I'm on the train coming home (I decided to forego the city traffic. Quite nice!) and there's this lady talking to some guy about how Portland is unlike any other city because you can be whatever you want, do whatever you want, and dress however you want and no one bats an eye. Excuse me lady, have you ever been to San francisco, L.A., New York, or any other major city? I don't see a difference except for weather.


cat said...

don't forget austin..haha

glad you had a great first day! was thinking about you today..:)

Chele said...

Well of course you rocked it! I wouldn't have expected anything less.

Meg. said...

Just wanted to de-lurk and say "hi." I found your blog a couple weeks ago. =)

I live in SF (Well, I've very recently and reluctantly moved to the burbs 20 minutes outside of the city), and this post made me smile. =) The convo you heard on the train reminds me of similar ones I've heard while visiting my folks in Central Valley, CA.

Anyways, I'm here and rooting you on!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Congratulations on your first day! I'm glad to read you had a good one. Portland is a super city and I love how easy it is to walk around or train it to where you need to go.

Sandra D. said...

Awesome news about the new job! Congrats :-) Never been to Portland, but I'm a big city girl so I'm sure I'd love it.