Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pastry Puppets!

So I know some of you asked to see the pastry puppets that were commissioned by a lovely bakery owner... here they are!

Business Eclair, Coconut Cake Monster, Sassy Lemon Meringue Pie

She also bought Chip the Muffin :) Now if you will excuse me I need to make some monsters for another commission - my nephew Hunter requested them to have "one eye and sharp teeth". He also wants a cow with one eye. I think. Sometimes it's hard to understand what a 3 year old is trying to tell you over the phone :)


cat said...

oh that hunter..hehe he's so freakin' cute!

xi hordes her puppets and wants a dragon one and a vampire if you ever make one. she actually loves all things dark and gloomy...kind of a morbid 3 year old. b and i decided her and hunter will be our goths...hahah!

Best When Used By said...

Nope, no pictures yet. I will check back later b/c I am SO excited to see them! Your conversation with your nephew reminded me of one I had with my grandmother, oh, maybe 37 years ago or so. She was handy with a sewing machine and had a box full of colorful material, buttons, feathers and all sorts of things. One day while visiting she said she would make us hand puppets - whatever we wanted (my 2 sisters and I). After much thought, I decided I wanted a purple cow. I remember her hesitation and furrowed brow trying to figure out how to make a purple cow. But she did it! To this day I remember her effort, and even the puppet itself. So I am sure that Hunter will take great pleasure and have long lasting memories of his one eye sharp toothed puppet!

Sandra D. said...

I love these! I bought some finger puppets (animals) when I was in NYC and I thought of you :-)

I like those cross-stitch sayings you mentioned on my blog. Do you know where I could get one? Not sure if I could order online etc.

And good luck with your one-eyed cow and monsters! Too cute.

Lucky Jones said...

Sandra - I designed the x stitch things myself, but you would love Subversive Crossstitch! lots of innapropriate stitchery there ;)

Amy said...

Those are super cute! Your very talented.

Sandra D. said...

Thanks Lucky Jones! I'll check it out. Maybe I'll take up cross stitching this winter and make my own! I've got a few sayings I wouldn't mind using (haha)