Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What have I been doing?

Bedrest is interesting. Through it I have discovered an obsession. Freebies. Yup.

First I found this site. I began calling/emailing the companies and unfortunately some of them no longer have a Multiple Birth Program, but a lot of them still do. I have gotten coupons and such already. I decided to track it all on my computer and thought to myself "why stop there?" So I went onto babies r us and found a list of all brands and have started contacting each and every one of them. So far I have contacted around 50 companies (out of a zillion) either through their website, by emailing them, or sending snail mail. Some I called too. I am also
keeping track of their responses and what they send (if anything). This will keep me busy for quite some time..... I also found this site through a friend on Fa.cebook. So I requested a bunch of samples an such.... I will post my progress as I hear back from the companies :)

Oh, I have also been watching this all day. Don't mind the awesome Hawaiian-esque comforter I dragged out of my room to the couch ;) and you can see my little stretchmark where my belly button once was... FYI - most of the action is between the 16 and 25 second mark....


sweetpeanme said...

I keep trying to do a video like that and the kids are camera shy!! Or my camera isn't around when they're really going...I'm going to have to keep it on my person at all times!

You definitely have to update us on the freebies!!

Kris and Laura said...

Wow! The video is amazing. I can't imagine how it feels for you. I'm glad you're doing well and hate that you're on bedrest. But like you've said, as long as those babies keep cookin' it's all good.

Take care! I love reading your blog. You give me hope. I admire you and your DH for the perseverence you've both had.

Caryn said...

This gave me baby fever big time! Loved that feeling!

K said...

When I am pregnant with twins, will you remind me of that link, please? :)

Glad you are keeping yourself busy!

Coco said...

That video is just precious!