Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Newest Knitting project...

A cupcake for my little cupcake!

I originally had the idea of making an ice cream cone, but as I was finishing it, I saw cupcake instead... I tend to wing it with my projects, I always have. I want to get more adventurous with the knitting - there's only so many hats my children can wear!


cat said...

too friggin' cute!!! love it..:)

in regards to knitting...since you have the time just read up on structuring garments and then just go for certainly have the talent to write your own patterns. you were always the one out of all of us who could create anything you saw in your mind's eye..;)

love you sis!

Lauren said...


Man, I wish I had skills like that. Ever since I've been pregnant I've been wishing I knew how to knit and sew. I should have started learning when I got taken off work at 30 weeks. Now I figure it's not worth my time. I won't be good enough before the baby gets here, and there's no way I'll have time to get better AFTER he's here.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest hat ever! I took up knitting, but only got through one scarf and halfway through a sock. I am very impressed!

Also on my blog you mentioned that your sister had a condition very similar to mine. I have a couple questions, so if you're open to that, email me at

Congrats on your twins!!!

Chele said...

Too cute! It's a good thing you don't live down here in Florida. lol

Anonymous said...

omg that is freaking adorable.