Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ahhh where has the time gone?

The kids will be 12 weeks old tomorrow.... it seems like yesterday I was staring at a positive pee stick and now here they are, giggling, smiling, kicking, babbling..... Here's a rundown of what they are doing...


Dylan is a BIG boy... he's tipping the scales at 12+ pounds. His birthweight was 5/14. He wears 3-6 month clothes and his feet are huge. He's also just about to graduate to size 2 diapers.... He smiles and coos at me all of the time! Sometimes I will catch him giggling at something random, like the dog or a sticker or a coffee mug... He also makes the cutest noises, one of which sounds like an owl. He sees something interesting and says "whooooo!".. pretty adorable! He loves to kick, and he sucks on the back of his hand a lot. He's really learning control! he can hold his head up without a bit of wobbling. He still has very dark eyes, and his hair is growing in dark with a hint of red...


Riley is such a sweet, dainty little girl. She weighs around 11lbs now (birthweight 6/14). She is long so 0-3 months doesn't really fit her anymore Her hair is dark with golden streaks in it that you can see in the sun. Really, it looks like spun gold. Her eyes are lighter now, she's starting to get the whitish ring around her pupils like her daddy has. I am wondering if she will have blue eyes, it's looking like it! She is also learning control. It's funny to see her sit and study her hands and the movement. She will also have her blankie on her and I can tell she's really thinking about reaching out to grab it. She just learned to hit her panda on he activity bar. She wakes up so happy in the morning, I look forward to getting her out of her crib because she always beams at me. It's breathtaking!

They are amazing little kids. I am one lucky mama...

Oh, I started a little gift shop! It's called Riley's Fairytale Boutique - come visit!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Excuses Thursday!

I love this idea... Because I tend to procrastinate just a little bit!
Michelle started this -click the button to join in! Here's my summer "no excuses" list:
  • Reorganize my crafting area. I have finally started this - I ordered new rolling bins and bought some pretty baskets for my fabric. Got out my sewing machine :) I have even made a few things!
  • Organize bills. Fight with insurance company.
  • Order credit reports.
  • Go through the kids' clothes and separate what the can't wear.
  • Make lunch plans with my friends
  • Clean out the car
  • Buy a new car
  • Take the dogs to the vet for their shots
  • get myself to the Dr for my annual
  • Make blankets/burpcloths/bibs/tutus/hankie skirts for etsy
  • Get my online boutique up and running

What's yours? leave me a link so that I can check it out! Let's get stuff done!!

oohhhh another Dub giveaway

This blogger has the best giveaways!


Beco Giveaway

Life in the Dub Lane is giving away a Beco Carrier! Click HERE! I love this!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just sharing...

I thought I would just share some pieces of me and my family :) I have been so busy with my other site I don't spend as much as I should!!


This is a charm that I got from Baublet. I LOVE it so much! It's beautiful :)

These are a couple of pictures from when I was little. The top photo is my sister Barbara (left) and my other sister Cathy. I think that was her 7th and my 3rd birthday. Barbara and I have birthdays two days apart so we always celebrated together. I remember that Holly Hobbie cake like it was yesterday! The second picture is of me and my dad. I love this picture! I love how relaxed and natural we both look! And I can see my daughter in these old pictures too :)

My beautiful daughter!! She's getting too big too fast! This picture freaks me out - she looks like she's a year old in it!

She's beginning to smile a lot now :) It's so much fun to see her react to Josh and me. She likes her nose touched and kisses and raspberries on her cheeks. If any of you remember The Cosby Show, you will know that those are called "Zrbbrts". :) Yes, that was me showing my age! BTW, doesn't she look stylin' in her vintage leopard coat? It's still cold here in Portland...

This morning he was happily sleeping in the cosleeper next to me :) It was his first night not sleeping in his bouncer. He did well! More on sleeping in a sec...

I LOVE this picture of him :) We were sitting on the floor and I had him on my legs. He was so content and happy just staring up at me :)

So sleep... Getting pretty good! For the past week we have been working hard on sleep training. Instead of feeding them when they wake at night I just soothe them a bit. And guess what? They got the message that they aren't gonna get a bottle when they wake up and now they sleep 11-5:30 or 6! So now we are working on getting them to bed a little earlier to get them to sleep longer stretches... Such good kids!

They are 10 weeks old today! A year ago I was ordering my medications for my IVF cycle, and now they are in my arms!

On another note, keep a lookout for some new things from me. I am going to start making tutus and tag blankets, basically I need to make some money and have a creative outlet. I've reserved a FB page and a blogger site (which is totally under construction right now) and I've ordered tutu supplies. so if any of you want a tutu email me or comment :)

So there you go :) Just a little piece of me for you all. One more thing - Please stop by my dear friend
Gretchen's page and give her some warm congratulations - she just found out she is pregnant with twins! When she emailed me with the news I cried. Really, I actually had tears streaming down my facce. Ask Josh ;) So all you twin mamas out there keep an eye on her blog. She and her husband Paul are beautiful people!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 months old already?!

PB&J - because she's sweet and he's chunky ;) Onesies by klzart!

I can't believe my babies are 2 months old today. 2 MONTHS! Time is going by way, way too fast.

They had their 2 month checkup and shots yesterday. Here's their stats:

10lbs 3oz - 36.4%
22in - 42%

11lbs - 39%
21.5in - 11%

Their height and weight are finally catching up with other babies their age! When they were first born they were barely to the 5% percentile in weight and not much more in height. Now Dylan has nearly doubled his birthweight (12 more lbs will do it). Both have grown a full 2 inches since they were born!

They got their 2 month vaccines yesterday too. Dylan took it like a little champ, he cried for about a minute, maybe less, and then calmed down quickly. Riley needed some snuggles and kisses but then fell asleep not long after her shots. unfortunately both got fevers last night, but not too bad. I stayed up with them just to make sure their fevers didn't go anywhere. Today they have been tired and a little cranky, Riley is still about a degree higher than normal, but neither has needed any tyle.nol, just sleep. Their Dr said they look absolutely perfect in every way :) Dylan does have a touch of reflux though. So far I haven't medicated it (although I do have it on hand), I just have him sleeping a bit elevated all of the time. He DOES get cranky though.

Both babies are smiling more and more. Dylan does this adorable cooing that sounds like a little monkey "ooh! ooh! ooh!" and Riley smiles with her mouth open a lot like she finds something really funny :) she also clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth when she does it, a really cute little quirk :) They have also bee reaching out for things more and more. Especially our dog Molly. They can't get enough of her! Dylan tends to reach out more with his right hand and Riley with her left. I'm a lefty, so I wouldn't be too surprised if she was too. Riley can roll from her side to her back now which is really fun to watch. She flails her arms like she's going to take flight and then just rolls. Last night I had them both lying on the couch next to me and Riley rolled to her side and snuggled up to her brother - even put her arm around him! They both are beginning to reach for my face when I feed them now too!

They are also both really beginning to take in their surroundings. After the dr we took a long walk to Josh's office and they were both ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the trees and the sky. I try to take them for walks as much as I can weather permitting. Lately it's been cold and rainy, but when we wake up to sunshine we are out the door pretty quickly!

That's all I have for now! Hope you like the pics!