Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just sharing...

I thought I would just share some pieces of me and my family :) I have been so busy with my other site I don't spend as much as I should!!


This is a charm that I got from Baublet. I LOVE it so much! It's beautiful :)

These are a couple of pictures from when I was little. The top photo is my sister Barbara (left) and my other sister Cathy. I think that was her 7th and my 3rd birthday. Barbara and I have birthdays two days apart so we always celebrated together. I remember that Holly Hobbie cake like it was yesterday! The second picture is of me and my dad. I love this picture! I love how relaxed and natural we both look! And I can see my daughter in these old pictures too :)

My beautiful daughter!! She's getting too big too fast! This picture freaks me out - she looks like she's a year old in it!

She's beginning to smile a lot now :) It's so much fun to see her react to Josh and me. She likes her nose touched and kisses and raspberries on her cheeks. If any of you remember The Cosby Show, you will know that those are called "Zrbbrts". :) Yes, that was me showing my age! BTW, doesn't she look stylin' in her vintage leopard coat? It's still cold here in Portland...

This morning he was happily sleeping in the cosleeper next to me :) It was his first night not sleeping in his bouncer. He did well! More on sleeping in a sec...

I LOVE this picture of him :) We were sitting on the floor and I had him on my legs. He was so content and happy just staring up at me :)

So sleep... Getting pretty good! For the past week we have been working hard on sleep training. Instead of feeding them when they wake at night I just soothe them a bit. And guess what? They got the message that they aren't gonna get a bottle when they wake up and now they sleep 11-5:30 or 6! So now we are working on getting them to bed a little earlier to get them to sleep longer stretches... Such good kids!

They are 10 weeks old today! A year ago I was ordering my medications for my IVF cycle, and now they are in my arms!

On another note, keep a lookout for some new things from me. I am going to start making tutus and tag blankets, basically I need to make some money and have a creative outlet. I've reserved a FB page and a blogger site (which is totally under construction right now) and I've ordered tutu supplies. so if any of you want a tutu email me or comment :)

So there you go :) Just a little piece of me for you all. One more thing - Please stop by my dear friend
Gretchen's page and give her some warm congratulations - she just found out she is pregnant with twins! When she emailed me with the news I cried. Really, I actually had tears streaming down my facce. Ask Josh ;) So all you twin mamas out there keep an eye on her blog. She and her husband Paul are beautiful people!!


Rebecca said...

Such adorable pictures! And, I love the old pics. I think I have a picture of me with my father at that age in that very same 70s chair!! :)

And, thanks for the comment on my blog. It helps a lot!

The Patterson's said...

LOVE that coat!

Glad to hear sleeping is going well.

Amber Lena said...

I must have one of those necklaces! ooh, those pictures of Dylan are simply adorable. And you with your daddy. Love it!

I have a creative outlet request! Have you ever thought about making handkerchief skirts for kids? I saw some on a twin mommy blog (that of course I can't find now..) that she made very simply out of hankies from Walmart for her twin girls and they were so cute! If you make any of those, I will buy them!! (we have so many tutus, I'm up to my ears in them!)

Brandie said...

Love these pics!! Riley is stylin' in her coat & Dylan looks sooo handsome staring up at his mommy :) Love those babies!! I'm so excited that you're going to be making tutus - not sure why since I'm a mom of boys LOL. You're so creative :)

Brandie said...

By the way, I just read your friend Gretchen's blog & I'm so happy for her & her husband!! I just got through wiping all the tears off my face. Even though I'm not a twin mama, I'm still following her :) Lots of prayers going her way!

Shamrocks and Shenanigans said...

Following you back from last week...gosh that is terrible huh??? I am a little late but none the less here and happy to be here! Thanks for stopping by my little food blog!
Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Letherton said...

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Thanks :)