Sunday, May 30, 2010

Help me win a contest?

Ok, I am determined to win this Facebook contest...

There's this really cute line of tutus and accessories called Silly Ili's Tutus & More. The stuff is truly ADORABLE - I can see Riley in one of their tutus. Plus everything is handmade by a wonderful mom, Kristen.

She's having a Facebook contest - whoever can refer the most people wins a GC for Silly Ili's. I am so determined to win this!

Will you please go to their Facebook site, "like" them, and post that Carol Jones referred you? You will like them anyway - So much cute stuff!
For my FB friends who have already done it, thanks!

Kinda diggin this tutu, super girly!


Shelby said...

Done and done! I need that yellow and hot pink tutu for my girlie girl who by the way will be sharing the same name as your little priss! We are going to spell it Rylie. :)

alissa4illustration said...

I like this too! I always wished I would of had one girl. All my parents could have were girls, now all my sister's and I will have are boys. Our girl name was Savannah Claire, and now we are done having kids.

I saw that you are following my Apel's blog too. Thanks for the comment. You'll have to get some They Might Be Giant's kid albums for your twins when they are a tad bit older. They'll love it! Many video's on YouTube.