Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I am gonna try once more. My new dear friend Michelle is sending me her pump (thank you!!!) which is much stronger than mine. So I am hoping I am able to stimulate my milk production and get these kids some breast milk darn it! I'll keep you updated!

Another update - Riley and Dylan went to the ped today. Both are doing great! Dylan got a prescription for acid reflux to see if that helps (we had another rough night last night). They have both increased their weights - Riley is at 6lb15oz, 4 oz above her birth weight. Dylan gained a lot - he's at 6lb11oz birth weight 5lb14oz. He wins the weight gain race! They both got a shot and blood draws. Riley cried through the whole thing :( Dylan cried a little but then snuggled up to his daddy and silently wished it to be over. They were good babies overall! But mom here wasn't happy with the tears - it pains me to see my babies upset. So now we are having some afternoon cuddles and forgetting about being poked with needles....

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VelvetJinxx said...

Hey, have you tried a bigger nipple shield on the pump? No one told me that until after I weaned her at 10 months. I had to nurse every time - no bottle! It was annoying. Anyway, HTH!!