Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting eaten alive...

I must be super tasty, last night I woke up at 2am scratching my arm and my hand. I have got bites all over me.. I practically bathe in hydrocortisone and pop benadryl* like it's candy...

On the bright side I am doing my IUI tomorrow. Bad thing is I am going it alone, my husband will drop off his, um, stuff and then has to go to work. Booooooo.....

I just want to get this cycle over with so that I can get on to the more aggressive stuff....

I found out yesterday one of my favorite bands is playing here in Portland in October... Yes, it's the Irish punk band we all know and love, Flogging Molly! Hopefully I will be knocked up and won't be able to go ;-)

*Yes, benadryl is ok to take while TTC... I checked.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Here we go again...

No, not really. Actually, poking myself with needles everynight doesn't hurt one bit.

So I will officially be on Follistim for one more month before....

dun dun DUUNNNN


IVF stands for "In-Vitro Fertilization"... Basically, a test tube baby. Or two.

I am actually pretty confident that this will work. I don't think the Follistim will, but what the hell, might as well use it if I've got it, right?

The thing I am most worried about is the cost. We are basically putting all of our eggs into one basket (get it?!) and my doctor will freeze any unused embryos* (baby-cicles) to use later.

That aside... My dear sweet husband and I have FINALLY agreed on a couple of names (for now!) For a boy we like Dexter David Tudor Jones, and a girl Daphne Anne Amador Jones. So if we have both they will be Dex and Daph. Too cutesy? The middle names are family names, they ain't goin' nowhere...

* My husband says if we use any of the frozen ones they must be named after OTTER POPS such as Poncho Punch, Lil' Orphan Orange, or my personal favorite, Strawberry Short-kook.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeling Good!!

After all of the rants I have had recently, I decided to post nothing but RAVES:

  • An END with my Wamu bank relationship (It's not you, it's me!) and the beginning of a beaufitul new relationship with a new smaller bank.
  • A PLAN at said bank to get money situation all in order... which means no more starbucks for me, but eh, whateve, I can live with that!
  • My new doctor is actually quite fabulous. He has an excellent patient manner, very caring, and we also have devised a plan for me and DH! WooHOO! this means one more round of injections (16% live birth rate) to IVF in September (a whopping 68% live birth rate!). Plus my embryos can be frozen in case it doesn't work and for more kids down the line :-)
  • My store.... I am getting rave reviews of it from clients and other managers, PLUS I am killing my sales plan... HeLLO BONUS (which will go straight into my savings, of course!)

So I have a lot to be happy about, huh?