Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeling Good!!

After all of the rants I have had recently, I decided to post nothing but RAVES:

  • An END with my Wamu bank relationship (It's not you, it's me!) and the beginning of a beaufitul new relationship with a new smaller bank.
  • A PLAN at said bank to get money situation all in order... which means no more starbucks for me, but eh, whateve, I can live with that!
  • My new doctor is actually quite fabulous. He has an excellent patient manner, very caring, and we also have devised a plan for me and DH! WooHOO! this means one more round of injections (16% live birth rate) to IVF in September (a whopping 68% live birth rate!). Plus my embryos can be frozen in case it doesn't work and for more kids down the line :-)
  • My store.... I am getting rave reviews of it from clients and other managers, PLUS I am killing my sales plan... HeLLO BONUS (which will go straight into my savings, of course!)

So I have a lot to be happy about, huh?

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Gracia said...

IVF!!!!! I want many many many nieces and nephews from you two!! how 'bout twins the first time around? yeah? one red haired one blonde blue-eyed.. omg and the clothes i can buy these guys! they are totally going to be the coolest babies on the block.. ed hardy, hot topics baby line, i'm loving this idea..