Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rants and Raves...


  • In-laws were here and did nothing but complain the whole time. Such as when asked "how did you sleep?" replied with "terrible, it would have been better with a pillow and blanket, or at least a sheet on the blow-up bed we brought"... Ummmmm, you could have asked, we assumed you had your crap together.
  • Having to hide my lovely bird tattoo from said in-laws as to not spark another conversation about it being "unclassy".
  • Getting a letter from my landlord saying they were selling the house and if we would like to buy they would "work" with us. By work they mean attempt to list the house at $25K over the current market rate and "working" with us by knocking off 5 grand... So now there's the absolute certainty that moving will be in my near future as our lease is up in September. I wanted to sign another 6 months, but guess not.
  • Spending nearly $10 a day driving to and from work. So I guess no more Starbucks for me!

Ok, raves:

  • I am actually working now. Happy about that.... but although I get a killer discount on the clothes I still can't afford them.
  • Going to the Happy Monkey Coffee Shop today! I loved it, lots of unclassy people there now. I felt like I belonged. And the prices are fabulous, so I can sorta afford it. And they had free BBQ today... yummmmm
  • Molly (aka Jelly Moons) my dog actually let me trim her nails today. That's a feat (or "feet" if you want me to be funny)...

So I am feeling a little bad because it took mere seconds to write the rants and I really had to think of the raves... I mean, trimming my dog's nails?!

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