Thursday, May 22, 2008

Current obsessions:

  • My chart

  • knitting a cool punk rock mohawk baby hat (just cuz)
  • Tillamook Rocky Road ice cream

  • MY CHART!!!
  • NOT looking for a job...
  • Did I mention MY CHART???

That's right... I ovulated... by myself... no drug intervention...Woohoo :-)


La said...

wooo hooo!!! go ovulation!

ovulation charts are confusing... i've been staring at yours for like ten minutes.. is that weird? haha..

La said...

ummm i don't know why my name is "la" on google but this is your awesome littlest sister.. ^_~

Lucky Jones said...

Yeah, you are a freak for staring at my chart.. stalker... :-) Like the cute anarchy hat?? Love you sis!!