Friday, July 31, 2009

Strange or Normal? TMI edition

I am sure this is all about the drugs I am taking (estrace, baby asprin, doxycycline, medrol,prenatal, and PIO shots.... I think that's it), but I have the weirdest pains. My uterus feels full like I am going to have a doozy of an AF or like I have to pee. It is actually uncomfortable to walk around, even at work. Anyone else have this feeling? Last check on my lining was 11.5mm and I have been in triple pattern for a while now, so I would imagine I have a nice thick lining now since that was last Sunday. So that's it, right?

My boobs hurt too, I know that has everything to do with the PIO shots. Speaking of which...

I have had 2 shots so far. Josh is a pro at giving them to me and they don't hurt so far. But the whole idea that they are going to start hurting freaks me out a bit. josh makes sure I don't see the needle at all, he waits until my back is turned and my eyes are closed before he takes the cap off. So sweet :)

So my embies have been incubating for 3 days now. They should have 8 perfect cells and all snug in their petri dish beds, waiting for their home on Sunday. Tomorrow they should begin compacting and by Sunday morning be blastocysts.

Still babies to me...

The embryologist hasn't called me about them or how they are doing. I take it as "no news is good news".

I guess we will find out Sunday morning!

I will most likely not have an update until Tuesday. I will be on bedrest for 48 hours following the transfer and I don't think my notebook computer on my lap will be a good idea. Well, maybe a little update from my phone... But I will post pictures of the embies when I can. As Katie calls them "baby's first picture", which I love...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thoughts in the TWW

So I don't think I will get another report until I go in Sunday morning. I am praying for my 17 babies, that each one will grow healthy and strong and my Dr will have a hard time deciding which 2 to put back... My sister made me laugh when she said "well I hope they put back Daphne and Dexter, that would suck if they put back a couple that you don't know!" I am also planning on testing before my blood test, just because I want to have an idea of whats going on, especially since I will be at work that day.

AND I still have Chele's Lucky HPT. 2 of the 3 she has given the HPT's to have gotten a BFP :) So I'd say they are lucky...

I was at the grocery store today buying organic veggies (since it's WAY too hot to go to the Farmer's Market) and thought about something. I had heard 1 in 4 women suffer from infertility at some point in their lives. and just over 10% have serious issues that require more than a minor change, such as PCOS, Male Factor, Endo, or just unexplained. I wondered how many of the women I saw today had suffered or are currently struggling with it. I began seeing it all from a different perspective. I must have come across 100 women today during my errands. Of those women, 25 have felt the way I have felt. They have cried when only one line has shown up, they have blamed themselves, or wondered "why me?". They have had the BFP only to have it taken away again. 10 of those have yet to overcome it, or possibly never will. I wonder how many have given up?

I would say maybe one. If that.

We TTCers are a strong group. We have had tears, heartache, pain, confusion. But we always keep going back for more. Why?

Because of hope. And maybe some stubborness.

But mostly hope.

Fertility Report

Just got off the phone whith the embryologist. I was expecting 15 mature and around 12 to fertilize.

It's better than that.

I got 18 mature and 17 fertilized!!!

So I am hoping at least half to grow to blast stage. I'm stoked :)

BUT it's quality over quantity. I'm hoping for some good quality embies. With Josh's swimmer report I am fairly confident. So it all lies with the egg quality I've given.

So far so good, right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick update

All done. I'm so sore right now, but so happy. Dr says he got 20 eggs and I will get a call tonight on how many are mature. Tomorrow I will get a fertilization report and then I go back Sunday morning for the transfer. Ok so I'm exhausted now. Thanks for all of the well wishes, it's nice to know I have lots of Internet buddies who care :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Is it hormonal in here or is it just me?

So today I had the height of my emotional, um, issues? instability? whatever, I was emotional.

Boss was at my store. I had a HUGE floorset last night and was at my store until almost 1am. I knew the floorset still needed work. So my boss didn't exactly ream me over it, not mean, just assertive about it. I can usually handle that and take criticism very well. I am NOT a cry-er. Especially at work. But today... well, I lost it. I mean lost it. I couldn't stop crying. My boss was feeling bad and I had to explain to her that it had nothing to do with what she was telling me, I got it and I agreed with her completely. I told her it was hormones, and then I said it. I told her I had my ER tomorrow and told her that I have been shooting myself with all kinds of hormones for the last week or so and it made me emotional.

Surprisingly, she understood. I was surprised. She of course went back to the workrelated issues, but she understood why I had struggled and why I was emotional.

Unfortunately all of the salty tears affected my vision, and ultimately my contact lens, which tore towards the end of the day. So driving home was scary.

Anyway, It all got me thinking... maybe if this does work I should step down to assistant manager instead of store manager. Less stress. Less responsibility. BUT less money. But it may be worth it....

Then again, it could be my hormones talking.

Josh gave me my HCG shot last night. He had no problem what-so-ever doing it too. I think he actually enjoyed it... Did I mention I was at my store all evening? Yeah, so since it's against company policy to have a non-employee in the store after hours (much less a friend/relative/spouse) we had to meet somewhere. So where do you meet to get a shot at 9pm? A bar? not that kind of shot.

We met up by my car in the 8-story-downtown-Portland-parking garage.

Yes, that's right. My husband shot me in the a$$ in a parking garage. No, nobody was there.

And I don't think I am the first person to inject something in that parking garage. I mean, it IS downtown Portland...

ER scheduled for 8am tomorrow morning, I have to be there at 7:15. Wish me luck ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trigger happy...

So I am ready to trigger. I can't believe I am already up to this point!! I have had 5 or 6 dr visits in the last week, and today I have follies that measure 16mm-21mm. So Josh gets to trigger me at 9pm tonight. Oh yeah, I also have to work tonight rearranging the store, so Josh gets to come to my work to do it. We don't really have a choice though, I can't do it myself (I don't think anyway, I am gonna google it..) and I don't have anyone there who could do it for me. Plus that would be weird....

Dr says he will most likely have 21-23 eggs to retreive, I am hoping there will be at least 10 mature. ER will be bright and early Tuesday morning! We have to be there by 7:15am, retreival is at 8, I will be able to go home by around 9:30. I think Josh will only take a half day since I will be on bedrest and sleeping most of the day anyway. I also have Wednesday off to rest as well.

My boss was at my store yesterday and although I didn't tell her exactly what was going on, I did tell her I had to be out Tuesday for a "procedure". she had mentioned she would be at my store Tuesday so I had to say something.

I have been pretty exhausted and emotional too. Yesterday Josh and I were talking about something lame and I for some reasons burst into tears. I was telling him I was sorry for crying, I felt so stupid about it, he just hugged me and said he understood. It was ridiculous...but these lovely hormones surging through me make me do strange things...

Ok back to watching The Cramps perform on an old episode of BH90210.. The Cramps? at the Peach Pit with Dylan, Brandon, Kelly, Steve, and Donna? REALLY?!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What do you know about pressure?

Sorry, that's a line from Ace Ventura, hissed by what's-her-face.

Anyway, If Optimist, Then got it right in the comments to the previous post. I'm starting to feel the pressure and the pain of my ovaries becoming the size of cantaloupes. Well maybe not that big but still uncomfortable. Which tells me the follies are still growing - yay! And it tells me there are probably still lots of them. All good signs.

I've also been incredibly exhausted and wanting sweets, like chocolate. Is tuis normal?

MIL and FIL left yesterday. It was nice to see them, they are pleasant. I had to put all of my meds in a cooler in my room though, but I'm ok with them knowing if they did figure it out. Just please don't talk about it and don't ask questions. I have always felt like if I wanted to talk about it I will on my own accord. It's a touchy subject, ya know?

I have another dr appt tomorrow and then I get to set all of the windows at my store. If you take a look at retail clothing displays you will see the work involved. Luckily though I have a couple of others coming in to work in them so all I really have to do is delegate and direct. Fine with me :)

Oh and another appt Sun and most likely Mon. Then on to ER, fert report, and ET with a hopeful freeze in there.... Who knew trying to have a baby would be so complicated???

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So my car started this morning. Whew. But I still have a major issue with the radiator reservoir. Did I spell that right? Anyway, it has a leak so I think there's this stuff you cam put in it to make it stop. Otherwise I'm out some cash.

FIL took me to my appt anyway. Yeah. Well it wasn't so bad. We talked about life and what we've been up to on the way. Then I had him drop me off at the corner of the hospital and he went to star.bucks down the street. I told him it was a routine checkup from my last surgery. So got out of that conversation :)

The dr is still guessing Tuesday or Wednesday for ER. Perfect for work, I can hide it pretty easily. I still have about 25 of the original 34 follies, largest measuring 13. We are on our way!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 minute warning

The whole "wait ten minutes and it won't sting as much" thing... yeah, total lie.. It still hurt.

I have an appointment tomorrow that I think my father in law will have to take me to. Cuz GUESS WHAT? my car died today. I hope the conversation isn't too uncomfortable...

It began to overheat on the way home, I had to abandon it in a parking lot near my house and call Josh in a frantic panic. I have never ever had car issues. Well, not to the extent of stalling and trying to start it only to see steam/smoke/I don't know coming from the hood. So early tomorrow morning I will go over to my sweet, sad car and try putting some water and oil in it in the hopes it will start again. If not, well, I'm screwed.

Tomorrow is Josh's birthday. He may be getting me a car for his birthday. boo....

BUT at least I have the option of taking the train into work if need be. So that's cool.

Monday, July 20, 2009

So far so good!

Estradiol is at 261, which is appropriate for this time into the process. I am still at 112.5 of gonal-f and one vial of menopur a day, plus 5 ml of lupron. I asked the nurse if there was anything to take the sting out of the menopur, she said to let the mixture sit for 10 minutes before injecting. I tell you, the menopur is my least favorite of the injections, but worth it in the end :)

Dr says the ER will probably be Monday or Tuesday of next week. I am praying for Tuesday, that way I can hide all of this from my boss. If it isn't then, I will have to tell her that I am having another "procedure". I hate those conversations.

And I was so right about Katie!!! Congratulations!! And a special congrats to Lauren!! There have been more BFPs in the last couple of weeks than I can ever recall!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Relax, it's just a little pinch

I did my first Menopur shot this morning. I have to say I was pretty nervous about it. I have done a million shots and never had to actually mix it. But I did it and have a nice red welt to prove it. The needle is thicker that what I am used to, so I imagine I will have a few marks on my tummy after the ten-ish days I do them. I kinda hurt but no biggie.

Josh and I went to the Farmers Market today. I got all sorts of yummy fruits and veggies plus found more flavored honey sticks 7 for $1. So I bought 28. At Made in Oregon (a store in and around Portland) they are 5 for $2. So I say I got a deal. If you haven't had them yet, you should find some. I know they are online, just search for "honey sticks" or "honey straws". Delish :)

While coming back from the market Josh and I got to talking about our ivf deal. We figured out we have so far spent around 6 grand on medical expenses this year. I keep hoping that it will work and talk like it will, but then Josh asked me if I was ready for a negative result if we got it. I immediately said no. How could I ever be ready for it? I'm not even ready for a positive result. I have no idea what my reaction will be to my beta, good or bad. For now I just have to do what I have to do. And pray.

So hopefully I will join the ranks of Breeder Beware, Best When Used By, and Jason and Amber, all of whom recently got their prayers answered. And Katie, it's your turn too :) It's almost Monday, girlie!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clear for takeoff

My doctor appointment went well. Whew!! I am nice and suppressed for beginning my stims on Saturday. He did lower my gonal-f dose to 112.5 instead of 150 due to how many follies I have. So far there are 19 on my left and 15 on my right. So 34 potential eggs in there. Obviously I won't get them all but half would be great!

So over the first hurdle. Next appointment is Monday morning...

Monday, July 13, 2009

My bruise is looking better, now more of an eggplant shade then black. Actually I think I have an eyeshadow this color...

Last night I was working late doing an update for my store and had to bring my meds with me. I decided to prep the syringe ahead of time and fill it with the 10mg of Lupron and just take that. I stuck it in a baggie with my dexamethesone and doxycycline (as well as an alcohol prep) and smuggled it in my sunglass case. There are 2 people who know what's going on, it's only on an as-needed basis. One is one of my assistants who asked for the weekend of my potential ET off. I had to tell her that it may not happen due to my deal. the second is one of my associates. We got to talking about TTC and I opened up to her on how difficult it has been for Josh and I. But they are the only ones who know...

I figured if someone knew I would have an ally (or 2) when the time comes. I would have my shifts at work covered with a knowing silent understanding of why.

I have my suppression check on Thursday, bright and early... this is the first time I am praying for low numbers!! if all is well I will begin Gonal-F Saturday. Eek, it's really happening, isn't it?!

I have the weekend off too, my first in a while. I am not sure what Josh and I are doing for the weekend, I want to go to the Farmer's Market, then maybe the beach or Seattle... just a bit of relaxing. But that may not happen due to the possibility of in-laws here.

I'm a little scared that this isn't going to work. I hear so many people say the first IVF is almost like a practice run. Any success stories on IVF #1 working that anyone can share to make my nerves a bit calmer??

Friday, July 10, 2009


I was doing my injection last night (affectionately called "shooting up" with Josh and I) and I apparently hit a blood vessel. Has anyone done this? I have a purple bruise the size of a quarter on the right side of my tummy. Doesn't hurt, but it sure isn't pretty to look at. I knew something happened when I pulled the needle out and a bead of blood came out. Then it was kind of stinging and felt hard, so I just massaged the area. Maybe shouldn't have done that?

So I have my first ivf injury. I feel like it's a badge of honor :)

Side note: any of you watch So You Think You Can Dance? I wasn't thrilled with the judges decision on who got kicked off, were you?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is gonna be a long 4 weeks...

So I started my meds (as you know) and they are ok for now. The lupron shot isn't so bad, but the needle it a teeny bit bigger than the follistim shots I've done so I really have to poke. It's also causing me to bloat, which ain't pretty. And the dexamethasone is giving me some restless sleep. I took a unisom last night which helped, but it was still tough...

I was watching tv and an ad for a movie came up. My husband said "look honey, there's another Final Destination movie. In 3D". I'm a sucker for slasher films, even more for the futuristic 3D effects which are nothing like the old movies (Jaws 3D, anyone?). But 3D movies are only good in the theaters, we tried watching one on Com.cast and it sucked. But that's not the point.

The movie is coming out August 28th. Nothing interesting about the particular date, but it occured to me that I would know by then if IVF got me pregnant. I would be done with this stage. And I thought to myself, "if they are advertising movies that are after the 4 weeks I need to wait for the ER and ET, it must not be that long of time..."

I did that when I had my surgery. I gauged how long it would be before I went back to work by how far in the future I could go in my DVR and TV listings. When I began seeing "April 26" I knew I didn't have a lot of time to lay around and do nothing..

My TV listings go up to July 23rd. So about a week shy of where I want it to be...

As far as work goes, well, work is work. A lot of weirdness and some potential drama I get to nip in the bud today. Oh, those conversations are so... let's just say I am not looking forward to it....

Monday, July 6, 2009


... Is the first day of the rest of my life.
... You have 100% of your life left.
... I started my IVF preparations.

I like the last one the best.

This morning I knocked 4 pills down my gullet, tonight I will get 2 more plus start my 10mg Lupron injections.

I can't believe it's actually happening. It's here. It's not being postponed because of surgeries or money or timing with work. In 3 to 4 short weeks I will be having eggs retreived. 5 days after that will be the transfer. I hope that is.

It's hard not to get my hopes up. It's almost impossible to think about the future without a little one to care for.

So here it is. I'm on the train, heading toward my destination of motherhood.

I hope I don't miss my stop....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I married Michael Phelps

Ok, not really, but I think my husbands swimmers won 9 gold medals in the Olympics. We got his results back and they are:

Count - 39million

Motility - 65%

Morphology - 59%

My RE likes to see a 20m count, 50% motility, and 35% morphology. His analysis was after wash, so yeah, I'm happy....


Today I got this:

Look at all of those lovely drugs I get to inject/ingest.... Insurance paid for most of it, I still had $200 out of pocket, but hell, I will take it over $3k plus....

Druggery starts Monday.....EEK!!!!